Monday, January 21, 2013


I have some amazing, jaw-dropping information for iPhone users this evening! I am coming at you today as the proud owner of a FREE iPhone5. WHAT KASEY?! IS THIS ANOTHER ONE OF YOUR SICK JOKES? No, I would never betray you like that.  

Apparently Target and Radio Shack have a program where if you give them your old iPhone they will give you the upgrade for the difference. Disclaimer:  YOU DO NEED AN UPGRADE. I had the iPhone 4s (BROKEN) and I exchanged it for the 5 and somehow ended up also getting money back?! (A fifteen dollar gift card to Target which naturally I already spent on an adorable seafoam+gold phone cover.) 

Don’t act like you aren’t impressed right now. 

In other news, I have Valentine’s Day fever REAL hard. Despite the fact that I am single, the bright colors really speak to my soul so when I see an aisle full of hot pink/red, I can’t help but get really, really pumped.  Most of my single friends don’t share the same passion but this year I am going to change that by throwing a ladies’ night Valentine’s Day party! 

Alcohol + food + pink + friends + pink + pink pinata + food (dyed pink) = best night of our lives. AmIright?

How cute are the invitations? (It's even more vibrant in real life but I had some issues getting the picture to show up here so just back off.) If you haven’t heard of, you should go right now. Cutest . Cards. Ever. There's an app for it too! [Red stamp has some cute e-cards as well!]

Please note that it is MIDNIGHT and I AM STILL AWAKE on A WEEKNIGHT.  I’m on fire tonight, I tell ya. [I apologize in advance for my hair tomorrow.]

Side note: I am fairly certain that I heard a knock on the door tonight at 11 pm (Riley didn't even bother to bark so who knows where her loyalties lie.) and I'm terrified it was a murderer. If you read this and never hear from me again, please find out details about my funeral, attend it and pretend to cry really hard -- I could use the extra headcount. 


A Simple Southern Life said...

Is that Iphone deal a limited time offer? I'm wondering if I need to hightail it to Target right after work! Ha(: Ladies night valentine sounds like the perfect night!

Anonymous said...

I may need to try that. My iPhone 4 is a piece :( but ill be at the valentines party no worries!

Limefreckle said...

nothing worse than hearing those murderers knocking on our doors in the middle of the night!!! And when the dog doesn't even respond...well that doesn't fare well for your protection!! I'm assuming because you lived to post again that you are OK!! Phew!