Thursday, January 3, 2013

Year In Review

-Trip to Florida  in July with TheRealMZ. So many drunken moments + beach + sun + no work = COMPLETE BLISS.  

-Finding out my sister was pregnant with my second niece (PLEASE PLEASE!) / nephew (I’ll love you anyway, little buddy) at the arboretum. When I came back from getting us food, my sister had changed my adorable little nephew into a “BIG BROTHER” shirt.

-Oktoberfest = Dancing the night away between couples, eating stranger’s corn on the cob, almost getting fought by a large, black woman and other moments I will not disclose.

-Having to put our family dog down; RIP sweet, sweet Oprah
-Watching my grandparents get older/sick.

Embarrassing moments:
-The time I got lost in the parking lot at the galleria and ended up in tears begging strangers to take me around looking for my car
-The time I drove off with the gas pump still in my car and didn’t realize it until I was halfway down the highway
-The 928392388 times I’ve ran out of gas
-The time I forgot I was wearing underwear in the dressing room at Forever 21 until after I had put on my pants so I just stuffed them in my pants and walked out, eventually causing the panties to create a very large lump in the back of my pants.
-Realizing I was sober for every single one of the above moments.

Things I've learned:
-Apparently cars don't just fix themselves and it may be time for a new one
-I eat way too much macaroni and cheese for a 26 year old woman
-For the most part, I am one very lucky girl with some pretty amazing friends and family


Anonymous said...

You're so freaking pretty and your nephew is adorable.

I'm sorry about your grandparents, my grandpa is getting really sick too. It's no bueno but at least they have lived so long!

And I got lost in a parking deck once. I didn't realize that as you go around you are actually going to new levels and I was walking to find my moms car and was lost for about an hour. My mom nearly called the police and I looked like an idiot. Blonde moment x123123.

We are also in the same boat with the car problems. I'm hoping mine is fixed as of now though.

We can only hope haha.

Shelly@Shelly No Belly said...

You're embarrassing moments crack me up!! Sorry about your dog :( When will you know if it's a niece or nephew???

Lesley said...

Again... oh my god. I seriously love you! Did those things really happen?!?! haha!!